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Rock Hyrax

Afrikaans name: Klipdassie

Rock Hyrax

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Procavia capensis

Interesting facts about Dassies

The Rock Hyrax is most often referred to as the 'dassie'. It is also sometimes called the Cape Hyrax.

The Elephant is supposedly the closest relation to the dassie. It is hard to see how this is so. It's just as well Elephants don't hang round on top of rocks.

Dassies are most often found in rocky areas which gives them places to hide from predators.

They live in colonies of 10 or more. Some individuals act as lookouts while the others forage for food. If danger approaches they give a warning signal and all the dassies run to safety.

The Rock Hyrax feeds on grass and other plant material.

Females give birth to 2 or 3 young.



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