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Afrikaans name: Rooikat


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Caracal caracal

Interesting facts about Caracals

The Caracal is a beautiful creature with its distinctive tufted ears. It is widely distributed across Africa and occurs in Asia as far as India. This cat is called a Desert Lynx in some parts of its range.

Caracals are solitary animals and are not often seen. They are only seen with other Caracals when mating or they have their young with them. They are most active at night but sometimes they coume out during the day.

They hunt a variety of mammals and birds and are able to kill antelope the size of a Springbok. Unfortunately they sometimes kill smaller livestock on farms which leads to them being hunted or poisoned.

Females can give birth to up to 6 kittens. The young are raised by the female and stay with her for about a year.



List of South African Mammals

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