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Dwarf Mongoose

Afrikaans name: Dwergmuishond

Dwarf Mongoose

Photo © Steven Herbert

Helogale parvula

Interesting facts about Dwarf Mongooses

The Dwarf Mongoose is sometimes referred to as the Common Dwarf Mongoose. I am sure that you can figure out that its name comes from its small size but did you know that it is Africa's smallest carnivore?

This mongoose eats mainly insects such as termites, beetles and grasshoppers. It might also eat fallen fruit and small reptiles if there is a chance.

Dwarf Mongooses are found in drier more open areas, but not deserts. Areas with termite mounds are a particular favourite as they like to burrow into them.

Male and females are a similar size. They weigh up to 350 grams.

They are social creatures and will normally be seen in a group. They are active during the day.



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