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Slender Mongoose

Afrikaans name: Swartkwasmuishond

Slender Mongoose near Skukuza in Kruger National Park

Slender Mongoose

Photo © Steven Herbert

Galerella sanguinea

Interesting facts about the Slender Mongoose

The tail of the Slender Mongoose is tipped black which is why it is sometimes referred to as the Black-tipped Mongoose, or the Black-tailed Mongoose. The Black-tipped Mongoose sounds the right name for me, but we will stick to the popular name of Slender Mongoose. They are around 20 to 30 cm in length with the tail adding another 30 cm.

This species is very widely distributed across sub-Saharan Africa. In fact it is so common that around 50 sub-species have been identified. Their main habitat preference is savanna.

The Slender Mongoose is carnivorous and eats a wide variety of food items. Lizards, eggs, birds, snakes, insects, fruit and many others are on the menu.

The female normally gives birth to two young.

Most often you will see the Slender Mongoose by itself but it may be seen in pairs as well. In some parts of the country it is often seen running across the road only to disappear into the grass the other side.

Showing its fangs

Mongoose baring its teeth

Photo © Steven Herbert

Slender Mongoose near Skukuza in Kruger National Park

Slender Mongoose near Skukuza in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert


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