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Black-backed Jackal

Afrikaans name: Rooijakkals

Black-backed Jackal crossing the road at Weenen Game Reserve

Photo © Steven Herbert

Canis mesomelas

Interesting facts about Black-backed Jackals

The Black-backed Jackal is found in two large areas of Africa but these areas are not linked. It is found in southern and eastern Africa.

These carnivores will either kill or scavenge for their food. They can be quite aggressive and persistent. They will tackle the calves of various antelope but will also eat things like insects. They often run into trouble with farmers who accuse them of tackling their livestock.

Black-backed Jackals are normally seen singly but sometimes may be found in pairs.

They prefer open grassland areas such as savanna or open woodland.

Pairs establish territories and they both mark and defend it. The female Black-backed Jackal gives birth to 1 to 6 pups with the normal amount being 3.



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