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Vervet Monkey

Afrikaans name: Blouaap

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Vervet Monkeys fighting for the best spot in a tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

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Is this Vervet Monkey shy or just rubbing his eyes?

Photo © Steven Herbert

Chlorocebus pygerythrus

Interesting facts about monkeys

Vervet Monkeys are social mammals that live in smallish to large groups.

They feed on a wide variety of foods including seeds, leaves, flowers, fruit, insects as well as the chicks and eggs taken from birds nests. They have colour vision which helps them see ripe fruit.

Vervet Monkeys are found in suitable habitat across a lot of South Africa. They are not found in desert or highveld grassy areas.

Although they average around 5 kg adult males may weigh up to 8 kg. Females average around 4 kg.

Females normally give birth to one baby but may sometimes have two. Most babies are born in summer.

Vervet Monkeys are common in gardens in some towns and cities. They are opportunistic and will enter a house and steal food if a chance arises. For this reason, and their habitat of eating fruit and crops, they are often in conflict with man.

In the wild Vervet Monkeys are preyed upon by Leopards, pythons, eagles and baboons.

Tiny baby Vervet Monkey with its mother

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above - Vervet Monkeys are coming into contact with man more and more. As their natural habitat is reduced they tend to wander into our gardens and sometimes even our homes. Many people are happy to see these interesting creatures close up but, for others, they are an enemy. Below - Problems encountered with Vervet Monkeys include dustbins being opened and litter spread far and wide, stealing food from inside homes and also raiding fruit trees. My local troop seem to have a taste for the flowers on my Petunias. Occasionally monkeys may threaten people and pets.

Vervet Monkeys have been here - they will turn your garbage upside down in no time at all!

Photo © Steven Herbert

Balancing act! Vervet Monkeys have little trouble negotiating thin telephone wires.

Photo © Steven Herbert

Vervet Monkeys have surprisingly big teeth.

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above and below - Vervet Monkeys may look cute but watch out for their teeth. You do not want to be bitten by one of these primates!

As this Vervet Monkey yawned it showed its long canines.

Photo © Steven Herbert



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