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Golden Moles

Afrikaans name: Gouemols

Golden Mole

Photo © Steven Herbert

Family: Chrysochloridae

Interesting facts about golden moles

There are 21 species of Golden Moles and most are endemic to Southern Africa. There are about 15 species found in South Africa.

The fur of Golden Moles is not always a golden colour. They vary in colour from tawny brown to black. It is the sheen on their fur that is sometimes golden.

They do not have visible eyes or ears! Their eyes are covred over by skin and do not serve any purpose. The ears are just small holes. Their body shape is totally designed around their underground world where they are powerful diggers.

Depending on the species Golden Moles are between 8 and 20 cm in length.

Golden Moles eat a variety of prey including earthworms, snails and insects.



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