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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa


Afrikaans name: Colenso

The main street through Colenso

The main street through Colenso

Photo © Steven Herbert


The small town of Colenso is situated on the banks of the Tugela River. As you enter the town you cross the river on the Bulwer bridge which was built in 1879.

The town has suffered two setbacks in recent history. Firstly the power station that had previded employment to many people was decommissioned in 1985. A few years later the N3 freeway was completed and this caused all traffic to bypass the town completely.

One reason to visit Colenso is for the battlefields monuments in the area. The Battle of Colenso was fought their on 15 December 1899 between the British forces and the Boers. This battle was a disaster for the British firces with 143 being killed and a further 756 wounded. The Boers suffered 8 fatalities and 30 wounded.

Colenso weather


Habibia Soofie Masjid & Madressa

Photo © Steven Herbert


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