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Afrikaans name: Bosbok

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Female Bushbuck

Photo © Steven Herbert

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A female Bushbuck getting harassed by Vervet Monkeys in Letaba Camp, Kruger National Park.

Photo © Steven Herbert

Tragelaphus sylvaticus

Interesting facts about Bushbuck

The Bushbuck is a fairly common, but often rather shy, antelope. It is found in a number of different habitats including forest, riverine forest and woodland.

Although in most places Bushbuck are quite shy, and will bolt at the first sign of humans, it can be quite tame. In Kruger National Park there are some camps and picnic sites where the Bushbuck wander amongst the tourists.

Bushbuck stand about 90 cm in height at the shoulder and weigh up to 80 kg.

Male Bushbuck have a chocolate brown coat and have horns. Females are more of a rufous-brown colour and do not have horns.

Bushbuck are browsers and eat a wide variety of plants.

They are normally seen singly and do not form herds.

Wounded male Bushbuck have a reputation for being very aggressive towards hunters.



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