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Gemsbok / Gemsbuck

Afrikaans name: Gemsbok

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Photo © Steven Herbert

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Gemsbok in the Willem Pretorius Game Reserve

Photo © Steven Herbert

Oryx gazella

Interesting facts about Gemsbok

The Gemsbok is a great looking antelope that lives in the arid regions of South Africa. Other names for the Gemsbok are Gemsbuck and Oryx.

Gemsbok are about 1.2 metres high at the shoulder. Males can weigh up to 300 kg. Females may reach a maximum weight of around 200 kg. Both male and females have horns. These horns are around 85 cm in length.

Gemsbok are found in small to medium sized herds. Herds are led by a dominant male and consist of other males, females and juveniles.

They live in arid regions and do not need to drink water on a regular basis. They eat dry gress and the leaves of thorn bushes. Where water is scarce they eat melons, tubers and succulent plants.

Females can give birth to a calf every 9 months.



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